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3 Ring Release

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Item Name:   3 Ring Release
Item Number:  3Ring
Price:   $45

For prototyping and custom inquiries 

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Item Name:    3 Ring plus Bridle Assembly
Item Number:  3RingBA
Price:   $55

The 3 Ring Release is a mechanism used to deploy parachutes. We use it to release bungees under a lot of tension. It is a system of folded rings that allow a large force to be held and released with a very small pin and almost no pressure on the release pin itself. This is used in conjunction with a bridle and trailing line assembly. We have used them for launches on the ground, with a ramp and on a rail launcher. 

Contact us for more info as we generally size the bridle for the airplane to be launched.

If you are unsure of the exact configuration you require, it is best to call or e-mail us to discuss your application.

The 3 Ring Release comes in the following configurations:

Item Name:     Customizations/Add-ons
Item Number:  Customizations/Add-ons
Price:   $10