Item Name:     3 Meter 50' x 250' Highstart (50ft. of 3M Rubber with 250' of line)
Item Number:  3M50x250
Price:   $200

For prototyping and custom inquiries 

​email:     AeroFoam

The Complete 3 Meter Highstarts are available in the following configurations:

Complete 3 Meter Highstart


Item Name:     3 Meter Convertible 100' x 500 (100ft.of rubber with 500' line with snap swivels at 50' on the rubber and 250' on the line)
Item Number:  3M100x500conv

​Note:  This allows the Highstart to be reconfigured as a 50' x 250' for short fields
Price:   $255

Complete Highstarts come complete with rubber, line, parachute and stake wound on a cord reel.  3m Highstarts are suitable for sailplanes up to 90oz.  This includes all 3m sailplanes and most 4m. sailplanes.

Many people use this for 4m+ sailplanes because it is easier to stretch than the 4m rubber.

If you are unsure of the exact configuration you require, it is best to call or e-mail us to discuss your application. ​

Item Name:     Customizations/Add-ons
Item Number:  Customizations/Add-ons
Price:   $5

Shipping included for Continental US ONLY  -  (All others contact us for a shipping Quote)

Aerofoam UAV Systems

Item Name:     Customizations/Add-ons
Item Number:  Customizations/Add-ons
Price:   $10

Item Name:   3 Meter 100' x 500' Highstart  (100ft. of rubber with 500' line)
Item Number:  3M100x500
Price:   $245