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UAV Rail​ Launchers

 UAV Launch Systems,Catapults, Launch Cradles, Ramps, and rail Launchers.

(​These products are customized for the project, please email for more info.)

The Complete Highstartis ready to go right out of the box, all you need is an airplane and a hammer and you will be ready to launch. The Highstart comes with a heavy duty parachute, #18 braided seine, mandrel dipped rubber tubing, connectors and a 12" stake.  It is assembled and wound on a large cord reel.

The Highstarts are available in 2 lengths: 

  •  The 50'x250' is a short field Highstart with 50ft. of rubber and 250ft. of line.
  •  The 100'x500' is a full length Highstart with 100ft. of rubber and 500ft. of line.

The Highstarts are available in 4 sizes:  2 Meter, 2 Meter Competition, 3 Meter, and 4 Meter.

They are sized according to the size and weight of the planes to be launched.

Highstart Bungee are sets for making your own Highstart, or replacing worn out rubber on your Highstart.

This is mandrel dipped rubber tubing with UV inhibitors as well as black pigment to protect it from sunlight exposure. The Highstart bungee comes with connectors at both ends and with 210lb. SS split rings.

The extra ring can be used as the launch ring if you don't use a parachute.

All the rubber comes in 50ft. sections. The 100ft. bungees have a splice connector at 50ft. 
The rubber is available in a continuous 100ft. length, but the quality and consistency is not as good as the 50ft. sections, so I don't stock it.

Zipstarts/Catapults are short launching systems designed to rapidly accelerate airplanes to launching speed. They can be used to launch electric ducted fans (EDFs), or sailplanes. They consist of a short length of bungee with connectors and a short line that is sized to be long enough to protect you from the bungee in the event of an anchor failure or breakage.

 The Zip/Zoom comes with the short line and a 100ft. section of line with a launch ring and quick disconnector. This can be used as a catapult for landing practice, or can be used to practice zoom launches with the added line.
Catapults come assembled in a coil that is wrapped and bound in the launch line. They do not come with a stake or winder because the stake and winder cost about $2.00, but they would raise the shipping cost by $6.00 If you can't get these items locally, I can provide them, but you will pay the extra shipping.

Recovery Systems

Parachute Recovery Systemsfor UAVs, or expensive toys.

Aerofoam produces the lightest parachutes available in stock, sizes up to 16ft. in diameter.

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UAV RC Plane launching and recovery systems

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