Item Name:    100ft. 4 Meter Convertible (1/8"ID x 5/32" wall in 2-50ft. removable sections with connectors)
Item Number:  4Mx2x50
Price:   $200

Highstart Bungee 4 Meter

The 4 Meter Bungees are available in the following configurations:

Item Name:     Customizations/Add-ons
Item Number:  Customizations/Add-ons
Price:   $10

All Highstart Bungees come with the connectors and 2 rings.

If you are unsure of the exact configuration you require, it is best to call or e-mail us to discuss your application.


Item Name:   100ft. 4 Meter (1/8"ID x 5/32" wall x 100' with connectors)
Item Number:  4Mx100
Price:   $190

For prototyping and custom inquiries 

​email:     AeroFoam

Item Name:    50ft. 4 Meter (1/8"ID x 5/32" wall in 1-50ft. section with connectors)
Item Number:  4Mx50
Price:   $135

Shipping included for Continental US ONLY  -  (All others contact us for a shipping Quote)

Item Name:     Customizations/Add-ons
Item Number:  Customizations/Add-ons
Price:   $5

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