Aerofoam UAV Systems

Note:   It is more cost efficient to get the stake locally, it is a 12" nail available at home improvement stores. 


Complete Highstarts include fluorescent braided nylon line, parachute, snap swivel and a 12" stake. They come wound on a cord reel and are read to take to the field. All you need is your airplane and a hammer.

Convertible Highstarts can be set up as 2 short field Highstarts if you order an extra chute and stake. ‚Äč

Complete Highstarts

For prototyping and custom inquiries 

‚Äčemail:     AeroFoam

If you are unsure of the exact configuration you require, it is best to call or e-mail us to discuss your application.

Complete 2 Meter 
Complete 2 Meter Competition 
Complete 3 Meter Options 
Complete 4 Meter  Options