Aerofoam UAV Systems

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About Aerofoam

Aerofoam was started in 1996 as a manufacturer of EPP slope gliders. We were the third MFG. of "foamies" after Pat Bowman and Dave Sanders. Some of our designs were used in projects for Govt. Labs. and that started the UAV division of Aerofoam.

We started making catapults in 1998, but Holliday Designs" came out with a great full line of launching gear, so we let them supply our catapults. When "Holliday Designs" decided to stop production, we offered to take over and bought out their remaining product.

Over the years we have improved the designs and developed many complex launching systems for the UAV industry. Our extensive testing has provided design materials information well beyond what is necessary for the hobby industry. We produce the best launching systems available and are continually researching new technology to improve our products.