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Item Name:     Customizations/Add-ons
Item Number:  Customizations/Add-ons
Price:   $5

Item Name:     Customizations/Add-ons
Item Number:  Customizations/Add-ons
Price:   $10

This parachute is used as a safety device to keep the bungee from hitting the operator in the event of a failure, or pulled stake. This has the same construction as the Highstart chute, but lacks the top ring and has a loop of line that is tied to the bungee with a "Prussic" knot. This is a knot that can slip along the rubber, but grips very quickly under tension.

Item Name:    Arresting Parachute
Item Number:  ARChute
Price:   $32

Parachutes come in the following configurations:

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18" Ripstop nylon parachute with a 225lb. rated SS snap swivel and a ring in the crown. This chute has 3/8 nylon webbing risers sewn through the crown, it is the strongest Highstart chute available. 

Item Name:   18" Ripstop Nylon Parachute
Item Number:  HSChute
Price:   $32

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